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I am a writer and photographer who specializes in environmental journalism and creative nonfiction. I excel in research-based subjects — translating sophisticated topics into accessible prose for the general public based on thorough investigation. When provided the editorial freedom, my writing naturally infuses dynamic and lyrical language into any subject. I also take pictures to accompany all submitted work.

I was recently the assistant editor of Coastal Review Online, a nonprofit, online journalism service covering North Carolina’s coastal environmental news. CRO is a member of the N.C. Press Association, and its publisher is the North Carolina Coastal Federation, an environmental nonprofit. There, I worked closely with the editor, Frank Tursi, a 30-year newspaper veteran and an award-winning journalist. Please see my resume or contact me to learn more about that experience.

As a testament to my work ethic, I’ll mention that I began my professional writing career after college covering city council meetings for a newspaper, The Island News, and left the paper as the lead reporter, advertising liaison, graphic designer, and temp for the editor-in-chief. In my spare time I taught creative writing and photography in an after-school program at a charter school. By the time I graduated at the top of my class from the University of North Carolina Wilmington in 2011, I had co-founded UNCW’s Photography Club (winning access to the darkroom for non-art majors), became editor-in-chief of the university’s literary arts magazine Atlantis, completed three internships, and studied abroad in Spain. Post-graduation I have published hundreds articles as a reporter and columnist.

Despite being a young writer, I am fully capable of producing creative and technically sound work and all the more eager to do so. In addition to my education and professional experiences, I am world-traveled and trilingual. My fluency in English, French and Spanish would allow me to communicate with millions of people around the world on international issues if I were given the opportunity to do so. More importantly, in my exposure to the world I developed the open-mind, attention to detail, curiosity and courage to expose myself to any story and capture it.

This portfolio presents my professional skill sets and personal passions on a platform that aims to promote positive social change and nonviolent action, share progressive research and events, challenge censorship and corporate demonism and educate readers on worldly conditions.



Tess Malijenovsky was born in Monte-Carlo, Monaco and on a plane by the young age of three months. She spent most of her childhood in Charlotte, North Carolina with her loving parents, Stephane and Lori, and younger sister, Chloe. Growing up on a small farm, exploring the woods behind her home, and turning an ear to the global influences of her French father, Tess developed an affinity for nature, languages, travel and adventure—her creativity innate. At the age of 19, Tess traveled by herself to Peru to volunteer at an orphanage and visit the Amazon. The humbling experience left her with a taste of compassion for the world and its people. Tess is currently exploring the great western wilderness of the United States of America.



By Shea Carver, Editor-in-Chief of Encore

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