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Getting Into Beekeeping

The scent of smoking pine needles clouds Kelley and Rich Luikey, a pair of new beekeepers in Port Royal. It’s time to open the lid of their new honeybee hive. Joining them is Camp Arnold, […]

A Dose of Nature

Here’s one thing that everyone in Beaufort has more of than anyone in New York City: a wealth of access to pristine nature. Here’s one thing (maybe the only thing) that everyone in Beaufort has […]

The Last Boat Wins the Race

Four souls embark on the Quicksilver Cup Race from Charleston to Port Royal aboard Fantasia, a 33-foot double-ender sailboat with three crimson sails. Port to port, this journey is roughly 90 miles (80 nm) and […]


A wall of thick heat waves over me as I step off the plane in Zanzibar. I’d never heard of this Tanzanian island in the Indian Ocean until a friend of mine from college said […]


There are many things for a woman to fear when she travels alone. Perhaps because it wasn’t my first time traveling alone or in Ireland, I wasn’t afraid. However, it was in this cold, dreary […]


Ses Salines beach at the most southern tip of Ibiza is known by the rich, the beautiful and the famous. Walking along the shoreline it all appears pretentiously picturesque: yachts on the horizon, the inviting […]

La Tomatina

Tomato fight in Spain! The world’s largest tomato throwing festival takes place in the small Spanish town of Buñol, 45 minutes outside of Valencia, every year. It’s called La Tomatina. And ever since I was […]