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The morning I was to leave Beaufort for my seven-week venture abroad in Europe and Africa, my father held out his hand with three small, white and black-speckled pebbles, asking me to choose one. “Take […]

The Huntsmen

Four South Carolina locals eager for hunting season reveal the differences among deer hunters. One hunts deer with a bow and arrow high in the camouflage of a tree. One is a sheriff deputy and taxidermist […]

New Oyster Cult

Biorock is ready to roll in the Lowcountry. Water bugs of the Lowcountry, your beloved’s kidney is failing. In the words of Captain Jacques Cousteau: “The sea, the great unifier, is man’s only hope. Now, […]

Nature and The Box

The Outsider goes on a photography excursion with Eric Horan. “I think when you talk about nature and wildlife photography, just by the title of it, you’re in two schools: the school of the natural […]

Hunting Island Kayak Expedition

The Outsider goes kayaking on Hunting Island. What’s the difference between sports like football – currently on everybody’s mind – and kayaking? Kayaking is an expedition. Kayaking is not just some upper body workout; it’s […]