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Alternative Processes

My passion for photography developed in the darkroom. In college non-art majors were not allowed in the on-campus darkroom. After two years of fighting for permission, I won access on behalf of the Photography Club. I volunteered my time every week to run the darkroom, teaching fellow club members while I tapped back into my own work. These photos were created through self-taught experimentation with several alternative darkroom processes during a Direct Independent Study college course I designed my senior year.




Sepia Toning

My high school photography teacher, Lisa Holder, not only taught me alternative processes like Solar Plating, Gelatin Transfers, Polaroid Emulsion Lifts, Cross Processing, Solarization and medium format film, but she inspired me to begin taking self-portraits. The creative freedom I gained with self-portraiture allowed me to express my artistic visions by taking on various personas.

Solar Plating

Cross Processed Slide Film

New Orleans, two years after hurricane Katrina

Charlotte: Queen City Girl series

Polaroid Transfers    



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